Glory Casino Kiosk (SK-100)

Built upon the success and ingenuity of Glory’s SK-10, the new SK-100 and SK-100A (with ATM convenience) are 30% faster and provide five lockable cassettes with 3,000 notes each, raising the currency inventory to 15,000 notes.


The attention-grabbing LED illumination emitting from the sleek cabinetry invites players to access a variety of common functions including bill breaking and the ability to redeem up to 10 slot tickets at a time. Maintenance personnel and management will appreciate how the improved on-screen instructions allow staff to service the ATM kiosk.

The remarkable back of the house communication and web monitoring network for up to 50 units assures seamless security and customer service.

Dimensions: W 29.1″(W) x 33.7″(D) x 59.7″(H)
Weight: approx 752lbs
Bill Acceptor: accepts from 1 to 10 tickets or $5-$100 bills, 1000 notes capacity.
Currency Dispenser: 5 locked cassette, 3000 notes per cassette
Reject Cassette: Separated lockable cassette
Coin Dispenser: 3 hoppers, 1,000+ pieces per hopper
Thermal Printer
15' Color Touch Screen
Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

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