Genmega ATM terminals

Genmega ATM terminals

Below, you’ll find our line of Genmega ATM terminals

  • Genmega GT5000

    Genmega GT5000

    Genmega introduces the GT5000 series ATM. A high performance yet economical Through-The-Wall ATM solution with…

  • Genmega C6000 Series

    Genmega C6000 Series

    Genmega understands that maximizing revenue and delivering your retail solution in a reliable and customer…

  • Genmega Onyx-W

    Genmega Onyx-W

    Introducing the all new Onyx-W ATM. The Onyx-W can be installed securely as a Wall…

  • Genmega Onyx

    Genmega Onyx

    Genmega introduces the Onyx series of ATMs for any ATM environment. With an up-to-date look…

  • Genmega GT3000 Series ATM Machine

    Genmega GT3000 Series ATM Machine

    Genmega introduces the GT3000 series through-the wall ATM. Designed and intended as a true through…

  • Genmega G2500 Series ATM Machine

    Genmega G2500 Series ATM Machine

    Designed for retail and off-premise locations, the G2500 comes loaded with all the features you…

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