Puloon Sirius 1 ATM Machine

When you want reliability, efficiency, compactness, speed, resourcefulness, and your money’s worth all combined into one, we are the only ones that can provide you with a mix of the perfect ingredients that make an ATM machine great! Here is what makes our ATM machines a low cost and profitable solution:


Sirius, built using superior quality parts with a focus on detail, guarantees maximum uptime and the lowest downtime. From the metal function pinpads and keys to the specially designed cabinet, Sirius is built for reliability.

Compact Design

Our ATM measures at 1’2” x 1’10,” thus making it the smallest ATM in its class. Retailers will not have to worry about making space for Sirius, as it can fit almost anywhere. This is especially a great solution for retailers who measure profit by $ per square feet.

No expiration Date

The EMV and PCI 3.0 standard increases the lifespan of the machine by several years.

Operation and Maintenance

Sirius is small and lightweight machine, as it is outfitted with a unique dispenser and cassette design to increase transaction speeds. This also lowers the errors rate and the need for economical replacement.


With Sirius, you can choose from two 1K or three 2K cassettes option to increase volume. We can help you decide between the two options.

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