to expect from Triton, the ARGO 12 has a sleek, modern design, a brilliant 12.1” color display, and added security protection. Very versitile, ARGO 12 can be configured to use five different dispenser options. With capacitive touch function keys, the ARGO 12 is capable to perform contactless transactions via NFC and comes with all the latest regulatory features.


With a small footprint that can fit into tight spaces, the ARGO 12 can hold up to 8,000 notes. It can be customized
with a variety of communications, printer and lock options. Ideal for marketing and branding, it has a large display, and an integrated topper with a high-topper option.


The ARGO 12 features larger wings for added PIN security, improved dispenser security, a TKM, and MAC ing option,
and a blue LED-lighted keypad for better visability. It’s available with a UL291 certified business hours or Level 1 safe, it’s ADA, EMV and PCI 3.1 compliant.


For the past 30 years, Triton has set the standard for manufacturing innovative cash-dispensing solutions.
Triton’s affordable, high-quality ATM s are built in the United States, and are easy to upgrade and service. On
average, less than one service call per year is logged, with most technical issues resolved by telephone.

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